• The Colel Chabad Pushka
    a 232 year old tradition


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Giving tzedakah (money to the needy) is a powerful activity, one that can affect one’s entire mood and attitude toward life.

Indeed, in Jewish tradition, the act of giving is important in its own right, regardless of the amount being given.  Hence frequent tzedakah – such as a daily coin, or a weekly coin into a ‘pushka’ (Tzedakah box) before lighting the Shabbat candles, is a core part of Jewish tradition.

Indeed the household and office ‘pushka’ was an innovation of Colel Chabad – emulated by many worthy institutions ­– ­  which is now a tradition for over two centuries.

A Colel Chabad pushka in the kitchen, in the study, in each child’s room, and – of course – in one’s place of business brings this tradition to life.

It provides a constant reminder of the needs of others, and the important role all of us can play in alleviating hunger. For children this is especially important.

And while we would never say that the presence of a pushka will help one’s business, there are a lot of very successful people who say just that. They would never make an important business decision, or place an important call, without dropping a nickel, dime or quarter (or more) into the colorful Colel Chabad pushka on their desk.  At the very least it makes them feel good.

Because giving tzedakah has a way of doing just that.

A Colel Chabad pushka – or pushkas – are yours at no charge.  Simply fill out the adjacent form and we’ll send one or more to you ASAP.

When your pushka is getting heavy, just empty the contents, tally the total, and send in a check for the equivalent amount. Then start all over again.  Because Tzedakah is forever.